WE GROW project will provide training, mentoring and group coaching to highly innovative Women Entrepreneurs so they can apply successfully to the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, which provides direct funding to SMEs.

The package of services covers all phases of the SME Instrument.

Regarding Phase 1, training, mentoring and advice will be provided in relation to:

  • Program essentials (Call objective, rules for participation, time planning and deadlines)
  • Template explanation (tips on how to draft a competitive proposal)
  • Business Plan drafting (market analysis, commercialization, cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment)
  • Market value creation through innovation
  • Intellectual Property Rights (basic IPR tips, exploration of IP, freedom to operate)
  • Legal & financial and ethics & gender issues.
Regarding Phase 2, training and mentoring will be provided in relation to:
  • Development of a solid commercialization strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy.
Regarding Phase 3 (Business Acceleration), training, mentoring and advice will be provided in relation to:
  • Preparation of presentation and pitching in front of investors
  • Financial tools to reach the market
  • Tips on enhancing innovation management capacity.
In collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), coaching will be provided on Innovation and Business Development with special emphasis on:
  • Aligning the project to the identified business development strategy
  • Developing the commercial and economic impact and the long-term sustainability.
The coaching will aim at rendering Women Entrepreneurs capable of successfully:
  • Identifying the customers’ needs
  • Defining and approaching the customers’ target group
  • Creating a unique value proposition
  • Understanding the value of the brand and the branding process
  • Recognizing different commercial approaches
  • Using promotional approaches
  • Developing a sustainable relationship with customers
  • Using financial instruments and services
  • Making financial and budget planning
  • Recognizing financial trends and methods for addressing changes
  • Creating and implementing a strategy
  • Planning and developing human resources
  • Using the EEN partnership database for finding partners for multi-partner proposals.